• We do everything by faith
  • To provide free non-formal primary and secondary education to children affected by poverty and social economic difficulties.
  • Rehabilitation for reformed children, ex-prisoners and drug addicts.
  • To provide free textbooks, exercise books and other instructional materials to pupils and students.
  • To provide special feeding program to the sick and to encourage maximum spiritual nourishment, bible teaching and fellowships.

Specific Objectives

  • To provide education and decent accommodation to orphans, destitute, and street children.
  • To discourage girl child abuse and prostitution.
  • To provide rehabilitation services to the youth, street children, and ex­prisoners.
  • To provide shelter, food, clean water, clothing and medical care to the affected children.
  • To promote gender equality.
  • Provide adult literacy to the surrounding community.
  • To fight against drug abuse.
  • To nurture talents in academic sports, games and music among pupils and students at the centre.
  • To build discovered talent university of eastern Africa.